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Our Work

Our amazing talent have created some beautiful solutions...

From patented world first applications, to ground breaking A.I / ML advancements our talent delivers!

Boundary Hopper

It’s a mini smart router designed to allow you unlimited internet access while keeping you and your data completely safe and secure, no matter where you go. Front-end, Back-end, Global infrastructure, Firmware design, Business setup, Automated accounting and Marketing all performed by our amazing talent available to you.

Mischel & Co

Melbourne boutique Accounting Firm with 1000+ clients. The online based web application for each staff allowing the creation, assignment and management of hundreds of internal tasks. Tasks can be tracked by managers and visible to all in the company.

Mimor Apartment Platform

Online platform for residents and building managers. Angular JS solution for the frontend and Laravel as the backend. Fast forward 2 years later and Mimor is being used by thousands of tenants across Melbourne and over 100 buildings.

Health Hunter

Full design and development of the iOS and Android versions of the popular health hunter mobile app.

VIP DNS club

One of the best quality DNS platforms in the world handling nearly 200 million queries per a month and well over 300 terabyte’s of data transfer per a month, consists of multiple data back ends, an e-commerce site, secure members area web app, along with an Android and iPhone mobile app.

Video detection for Riders and horses

The application is created for equestrian organizers. It's a Windows desktop application with complex machine learning algorithms on the backend. Mostly, OpenCV library is used. For better results we improved the algorithms for our particular purpose. It's only required to have videos from different cameras and a list of racers.

NLP based news articles aggregator

As a core of NLP module there is a supervised model for natural language processing. It automatically classifies articles according to their source, date and time. There is a part-of-speech detection executed in order to identify the names of famous people, organizations, locations and other entities.

Brain image segmentation

The project includes development of Matlab code for training a convolutional neural network and segmentation of grayscale brain slice images based on the trained model.

Neural networks

Our developers have completed multiple tasks related to implementation of neural networks. We have knowledge and experience of selecting an optimal structure of a neural network and parameters of neural network layers by using cross validation based on various metrics.

Blood pressure prediction

Blood pressure prediction based on the heart rate measurements. Our developers have made evaluation of parameters of the model for predicting systolic and diastolic blood pressure based on the values of current pulse transit time and heart rate parameters.

Vehicle speed detection

Based on the frequency analysis of an audio signal, the method shows satisfactory performance in counting engine rpm at any given moment. According to the peaks in this parameter, it has become possible to determine gear shifts.

Credit Scoring Model

Implementation of a probability evaluation system of default credits on the base of bank own data and the banking credit history over a given time. Results were visualized. The final solution was designed in form of a program for atomized decision-making.

Signature recognition application

The project included transforming of an existing Matlab application into C# language. The deliverable consisted of a dll library and friendly user interface. An important requirement was an ability to use the code and the application stand-alone on machines without Matlab environment.