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Elegant Solutions by Stanford University Experts.
Minority owned business
Stanford Engineering

Natural Language Processing and Data Analysis for Stanford University School of Engineering

The company’s core staff performed analysis of e-mail data on netroots organizing. The work was centered on parsing thousands of emails into a well-formed data structure and capturing/extracting the information from email corpora. Engaged in multiple NLP tasks, including POS tagging, named entity recognition, parsing, sentiment analysis, bootstrapped pattern learning, and open information extraction, among others.

Main Fields Of Work

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, prediction algorithms, neural networks

From making voice recognition smarter, to learning massive subsets of data with 40 million plus records our AI Department is making breakthroughs each year.


Real-world applications

It's changing the future inexorably—but where do you begin? Make use of Blockchain with real-world applications from the leaders in distributed ledger technologies.


Cyber security is no longer a luxury; it is a requirement.

And it is not solely a product, but a precise process. Proactive safeguards and responsible acknowledgment of incidents — ensure liability and operation(s) needs are covered; consumers demand no less. There are two types of people and organizations: Those that have been hacked and know it — and those that don't know it yet. Is your organization prepared? Are you?

Cloud Computing

It’s hard to overstate the impact of cloud computing.

It has morphed to an essential element of digital transformation. Our network of Stanford University experts, combined with a number of invaluable technology partnerships, gives us unrivaled visibility into where the market is and where it is headed.

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Why work with us?

Never say No.

We don't like hearing this word. Where others have said "No, it can’t be done", our Stanford University-trained experts have said "sure let's go for it!". Holding multiple USA patents and world first solutions for our clients we are a leader in innovative solutions.

Innovative experience.

We have had our own privately launched and successful projects over the last 15+ years. We know what it takes to make a successful working solution and you can draw on this experience for your own project.

Price Point.

We understand that in most cases our clients have a ton of overheads to take care of in launching their new venture or project that go beyond the scope of just development costs. With this in mind we have been hiring the most advanced mathematical minds from universities around Eastern Europe for 8 years now and training them to become the world’s better data scientists. This unique team helps us keep the cost for our clients affordable while staying on top of customer expectations.

Best Projects

Techlantis has launched many privately owned software projects since 1999 that have seen success with users around the world.

Boundary Hopper

It’s a mini smart router designed to allow you unlimited internet access while keeping you and your data completely safe and secure, no matter where you go.

Boundary Hopper Boundary Hopper Boundary Hopper

CB & CR System

The client came with a Mongo database of files containing news texts. The final goal of the project was to display recommended news articles based on the content a user has already read.

CB & CR System

Mimor Apartment Platform

Online platform for residents and building managers. Angular JS solution for the frontend and Laravel as the backend. Fast forward 2 years later and Mimor is being used by thousands of tenants across Melbourne and over 100 buildings.

Brain images segmentation

To get a layer with certain parts of brain highlighted by different colors over a grey-scale brain imaging, a convolutional neural network (CNN) was used. Training code for the neural network was developed in Matlab. Well-trained model successfully slices the images into required segments.

Mimor Apartment Platform

Online platform for residents and building managers. Angular JS solution for the frontend and Laravel as the backend. Fast forward 2 years later and Mimor is being used by thousands of tenants across Melbourne and over 100 buildings.

What we offer


Advisory Service

Stuck with a technical challenge you cannot crack? Or want to augment your internal team's capabilities? Tell us what you’re troubleshooting, and we will set up a session with our Stanford University experts to put it back on track!


Technical Implementation

Need to build a game changing product but lack tech expertise to architect and implement it? Here’s where our A-team comes to the rescue. We are building your tech solutions so you can build your business.

Our Clients Say

Nick Jones

Startup Founder

“Yosem, Dan and Sharon were able to provide us with the expert advice we desperately needed. Their advice helped guide us in the right direction and likely saved us hours upon hours of research. It is obvious when you speak with them that you are receiving true expert advice. Our team hopes to continue working with their group for years to come and can’t recommend them enough.”

Roland Gillis


“Adsystech, Inc. for more than two decades, has provided software focused on improving the lives of children and families in at-risk communities across the United States. Given the scope and magnitude of managing human services for millions of citizens across the country, we have relied on our strategic relationship with Techlantis to quickly understand and apply emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning to greatly enriched the experiences of our clients and empower them to become data-driven and self-sufficient. My sincere thanks to Yosem and the Techlantis team of technologists for their unwavering dedication to the Adsystech, Inc. mission of empowering at-risk communities through unparalleled human service delivery.”

Adrian Gardner

Smartech Nexus

“Collaborating with Techlantis has been a gamechanger for the SmarTech Nexus Foundation. Through our collaboration, we unlocked the tremendous potential of technology and innovation to improve the way we deliver services to underserved communities. Their insights and ability to make the complex appear simple has made a difference in the lives and welfare of at risk individuals, families, and communities. Thank you Yosem and team for connecting all the right dots and positively impacting the work of my foundation.”